Hiya Folks, a not so happy Jenson here


Not a good start to my crazy sports around the globe. I was all set to enter the Iron Man comp in South Africa, and I have gone and twisted my ankle on a patch of ice. That counts me out of going to Buffalo City or anywhere else until I am fit again.

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Not wanting to leave you short on the fun I picked a random sport to talk about to keep the interest going. I know it’s not the same, yet needs must, unfortunately.

I picked one that is somewhat apt, and it is mobility scooter racing and as far as I can tell it is a UK thing. I’m not sure if there is such a thing in the US or anywhere else or it is just the Brits who are that way inclined.

I’m not sure if it was a one-off thing or they still do it, yet it was held in the middle of nowhere at Buxton Raceway which is a small oval track that contains some other wacky forms of racing. Anyway,check out these mobility scooters. One guy pimped his ride and slotted in a 125cc engine. He clocked up a top speed of 71mph back in 2010.

It’sa zany world, and I have noticed they have held endurance races as well as speed. One dude from the UK smashed the endurance record set by an American of 190 miles, yet his achievement was not recognized by the Guinness book of world records, so it looks like the USA still holds the official record for now.

If you ever venture over this way toward the Buxton Raceway (it’s no Indianapolis), there are a few other things to see and do around the area, yet it is rather quiet in this neck of the woods. There is the Devonshire Dome which is now home to a café, hair and beauty salons and a relaxing spa. The roof is also larger than St. Paul’s Cathedral in London which is a significant achievement.

Then you have a trip underground, and this one is 100% natural. The local limestone caverns boast one of the best displays in England with the main chamber being a massive 300 meters long and lit by some eerie inspiring LED lights. If that isn’t enough to spook you they switch all the lights off at the end of the tour.Blackoutisn’t the word for it, it is darker than the darkest night so don’t get walking anywhere.

There is a café, and it seems the Brits love cafés. There is plenty of scenery for all the landscape enthusiasts so you can make a good day of the area if you want to sample some real England countryside. A trip into Buxton is also worth a visit; it is one of the original spa towns, so you are guaranteed somewhere to relax with the very best of treatment.

That’s it till my ankle is on the mend,

Over and out,



Hi there fitness fanatics Jenson here


I have made a huge commitment. I am jetting off to South Africa to take part in an Iron Man comp. What an event to start with. These triathlons have got to be one of the hardest things to put your body through in a single day.

I did some checking what I am in for and it is not for the squeamish. First the contestants have a 1.2 mile swim off the East London Orient beach (in the ocean) luckily the water is supposed to be calm. For the front swimmers but the ones at the back it might get a bit choppy.

If that wasn’t enough the second leg is a 56 mile bike ride up into the countryside. I see there are some great scenic opportunities yet I get the feeling there isn’t much time to take them all in. Last up is a half marathon. A slogging lung searing 13.1 mile run which is 2 loops of a set out track. Ocean views to keep you occupied while you’re plodding along trying to finish let alone be competitive.

I’m not sure how I’ll fare, but I have done a few Iron Man challenges before yet the climate might have a bearing on how well I do.

Once that is over I have a few days to recoup, well who wouldn’t after that torture we have put ourselves through. I checked out what there is to do in the region and Safari’s as always when in Africa come at the top of the list. Mpongo Private Game Reserve and Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve are the two that show up as being close to Buffalo City. I am not sure which the best is at the moment as they both give the same sort of info on amenities and things to do. I might wait until I arrive in the next week or so and ask some of the locals which is the best.

I noticed there is also a couple of museums to check out and what is supposed to be the oldest aquarium in South Africa. It says it isn’t the largest by any means yet there are things that make it a must-see. I wonder what they are.

I reckon after the Iron Man event a couple of days on the white sandy beaches sounds a little more appealing than heading off into the game reserves. A bit of time soaking up the sun and hopefully I might have chance to get in a few watersport while I’m there.

One thing is sure; the weather will be better than it is here in England,


See you on the sunny side,




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Intro – Jenson



The names Jenson and I’m a fitness junkie and an avid traveler. Just a little under 30 and I thought I would take some time out and do some exploring of the place we call earth. Online businesses are great; they allow you to do the things you want. You might see everyone say earn money while you sleep, which isn’t really true, well in some ways it is I suppose.

Not to do the same as every other backpacker, I decided to put my love of all things sporty at the front of my mind and see what sports I could sample around the globe. This would make things kinda interesting, and if nothing else, they would give me a different challenge along the way.

There are a few sports I’mkinda okay at yet get me with some locals somewhere, and it might be different. From tossing horseshoes back home to a spot of Bo-taoshi in Japan, there is something to challenge the toughest of competitors, andthat’s on top of all the places to visit.

With already a few under my belt and the bruises to show for it, I am doing a bit of R&R on a sunny beach somewhere and getting this blog going. All that on top of checking business keeps a person busy no matter where you are.

I might be able to throw in a few touristy bits of information of the places I have visited while recouping and building my energy levels back up. I don’t know how some of the locals manage to do what they do without seemingly breaking a sweat, but some of them have sure knocked the wind from my sails, and I thought I was fitter than most.

So far I’m not sure what the craziest sport is I have tried, yet I think I’ll come up with one that is just plain wacky and hard to believe. I guess there will be something that the Asians have in store that is mind-boggling, yet the Germans have extreme ironing which although not a sport is a radical way of doing your household chores.

I think I would be safer getting a laundry to do my clothes rather than being stuck up a tree with an ironing board and a pair of trousers.

For now, I’ll let you go. I’m just watching the sun go down and then it’s time for a cocktail before dinner.

Ah, you have to love life.