Hi there fitness fanatics Jenson here


I have made a huge commitment. I am jetting off to South Africa to take part in an Iron Man comp. What an event to start with. These triathlons have got to be one of the hardest things to put your body through in a single day.

I did some checking what I am in for and it is not for the squeamish. First the contestants have a 1.2 mile swim off the East London Orient beach (in the ocean) luckily the water is supposed to be calm. For the front swimmers but the ones at the back it might get a bit choppy.

If that wasn’t enough the second leg is a 56 mile bike ride up into the countryside. I see there are some great scenic opportunities yet I get the feeling there isn’t much time to take them all in. Last up is a half marathon. A slogging lung searing 13.1 mile run which is 2 loops of a set out track. Ocean views to keep you occupied while you’re plodding along trying to finish let alone be competitive.

I’m not sure how I’ll fare, but I have done a few Iron Man challenges before yet the climate might have a bearing on how well I do.

Once that is over I have a few days to recoup, well who wouldn’t after that torture we have put ourselves through. I checked out what there is to do in the region and Safari’s as always when in Africa come at the top of the list. Mpongo Private Game Reserve and Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve are the two that show up as being close to Buffalo City. I am not sure which the best is at the moment as they both give the same sort of info on amenities and things to do. I might wait until I arrive in the next week or so and ask some of the locals which is the best.

I noticed there is also a couple of museums to check out and what is supposed to be the oldest aquarium in South Africa. It says it isn’t the largest by any means yet there are things that make it a must-see. I wonder what they are.

I reckon after the Iron Man event a couple of days on the white sandy beaches sounds a little more appealing than heading off into the game reserves. A bit of time soaking up the sun and hopefully I might have chance to get in a few watersport while I’m there.

One thing is sure; the weather will be better than it is here in England,


See you on the sunny side,