Intro – Jenson



The names Jenson and I’m a fitness junkie and an avid traveler. Just a little under 30 and I thought I would take some time out and do some exploring of the place we call earth. Online businesses are great; they allow you to do the things you want. You might see everyone say earn money while you sleep, which isn’t really true, well in some ways it is I suppose.

Not to do the same as every other backpacker, I decided to put my love of all things sporty at the front of my mind and see what sports I could sample around the globe. This would make things kinda interesting, and if nothing else, they would give me a different challenge along the way.

There are a few sports I’mkinda okay at yet get me with some locals somewhere, and it might be different. From tossing horseshoes back home to a spot of Bo-taoshi in Japan, there is something to challenge the toughest of competitors, andthat’s on top of all the places to visit.

With already a few under my belt and the bruises to show for it, I am doing a bit of R&R on a sunny beach somewhere and getting this blog going. All that on top of checking business keeps a person busy no matter where you are.

I might be able to throw in a few touristy bits of information of the places I have visited while recouping and building my energy levels back up. I don’t know how some of the locals manage to do what they do without seemingly breaking a sweat, but some of them have sure knocked the wind from my sails, and I thought I was fitter than most.

So far I’m not sure what the craziest sport is I have tried, yet I think I’ll come up with one that is just plain wacky and hard to believe. I guess there will be something that the Asians have in store that is mind-boggling, yet the Germans have extreme ironing which although not a sport is a radical way of doing your household chores.

I think I would be safer getting a laundry to do my clothes rather than being stuck up a tree with an ironing board and a pair of trousers.

For now, I’ll let you go. I’m just watching the sun go down and then it’s time for a cocktail before dinner.

Ah, you have to love life.