Among the countries in the world that offer golf vacations, Italy has been rated and ranked the best. You may wonder why but all this is because of the country’s diverse landscapes which bring about spectacular opportunities. Many golf travelers have opted to make Italy their preferred destination for its modern and advanced golf holidays. As a lover of this interesting game, you can choose from a variety of places including Rome, Tuscany, Puglia and Islands of Sardinia and Sicily. All these destinations offer unique features that are characterized by an exciting natural environment as well as hospitable Italians.


Tuscany demonstrates its ability to maintain top-notch standards as it evokes an uneven landscape, rows of indigenous trees and rolling plains. Apart from the elegant countryside, cities that encompass this region embody a stylish tradition. For instance, Pisa is famous for its natural leaning tower, and Siena exceeds art with its gothic architecture while on the other hand, Florence is the famous world capital in the intriguing art. The golf courses in Tuscany are good in challenging expert players due to the unique location of water sources and trees.


It is one place which is situated in the southern part of Italy and also bordering the most conspicuous Vesuvius mountain at its elegant background not leaving behind Capri Island. Naples does not have many golf courses as compared to other renown regions in Italy. It features Circolo Golf course which has nine holes but a demarcation around it. It is also remotely located, and therefore the players may not find a cart troll.


Rome, being the biggest city in Italy offers a wide variety of advanced golf courses which an interested person may be free to select. Examples include Parco di Roma, Marco Simone, Argentario, Olgiata, Roma Acquasanta among others. One thing to note is that in Rome, most golf resorts offer motels with food stuff, swimming, and even casinos thereby making it desirable to most travelers.

Multi-locational vacation

This system allows the travelers to visit all the best towns and advanced golf courses within the country. It has been considered one of the attractive and most exciting golf traveling vacations which incorporates lodging in between travel localities. Some of the common towns to consider during traveling entails Versilia, Milan, Tuscany, and Florence. An advantage that may be derived by this method is that it makes the travelers get acquainted with various types of golf courses irrespective of whether they are still novice players or expert players.